Night Ministry Rough Sleeper Outreach, taking God's Love and Compassion to the poor and homeless in Dundee and surrounding areas




Welcome from the team at Night Ministry Rough Sleeper Outreach and thank you for visiting our website.

Night Ministry was established in 2013 as a ecumenical Christian charity based in Dundee, which provides humanitarian support and pastoral care, helping to maintain human dignity through practical help. We aim to improve the lives of homeless people, in particular rough sleepers and each night, every night  throughout the winter, our volunteers will tour the city in our customised welfare van looking for rough sleepers making sure they are safe and have warm and dry bedding. We offer assistance to all regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability, providing hot drinks, hot food and warm clothing, without which many people would surely perish in the bitter winter months. We also minister to their Spiritual welfare by sharing the Christian gospel with them and our volunteers encourage our street friends to contact appropriate agencies within the city who can provide them with help.


Street outreach is at the heart of our mission, we aim to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through practical assistance to Dundee's most marginalised people, some of who's lives have been blighted by homelessness, prostitution, mental health issues, addiction to alcohol and or drugs, etc. Our focus is on dealing with the here and now and doing what we can to give our street friends a modicum of comfort and a little dignity.


We aim to engage with as many people as possible who are sleeping rough in doorways, vehicles, tents, church entrances, bin sheds, bus shelters, parks, car parks, empty /derelict properties, across Dundee.  Homelessness makes people feel hopeless, our mission is to maintain human dignity through friendship, love and practical assistance improving the conditions of life for those caught up in a street lifestyle at whatever level they are prepared to receive help.






Our Values

  • Never giving up on people​ Night Ministry believes that the effects of homelessness and social exclusion are a great injustice and that the road to recovery can often be long and painful. We are committed to putting people first, never giving up no matter how complex, chaotic and challenging they may be.

  • Selfless and non-judgmenta-Night Ministry expects nothing in return for the help we provide and believe that people in need are best served by a non-judgmental approach.

  • Integrity and honesty - It is imperative to the success of Night Ministry that our services are delivered with the highest ethical and legal standards. Honesty, Fairness and Integrity are principles that underpin all Night Ministry activities.

  • Excellence and professionalism - We believe that people in need deserve nothing but the highest standards of service and professionalism. All Night Ministry volunteers receive regular, high quality training and ongoing support to help them perform their role safely and to a high standard.

  • Collaboration and partnership - Night Ministry works in partnership with a wide range of statutory, voluntary, community & faith organisations.












The Night Ministry operate a street outreach vehicle which was kindly funded by a grant from the ASDA Foundation crewed by volunteers who come from a variety of churches and non, and have undergone training in first aid, pastoral care, mental health first aid, suicide intervention skills, alcohol intervention, naloxone administration, CALM conflict management and are all PVG screened.

We often find people who are new to the streets and are sleeping rough for the first time and those who have been rough sleeping for longer periods. We try to build trusting relationships and signpost people to organisations which can help them access accommodation, mental health services, drug or alcohol addiction services in an effort to help them rebuild their lives and if desired move off the streets.

The outreach van is equipped with Handiwash automotive hand wash unit with hot water, microwave oven, Transvend hot water drinks dispenser,  Eberspächer heater, LED lighting, table and seating where we can speak with people in a degree of privacy and carry out first aid.

We carry resources such as bibles, first aid kit, automated external defibrillator, Naloxone, sharps boxes, contraceptives, sleeping bags, blankets/duvets, clothing, hats & gloves, toiletries, tinned foods, bottled water, lollipops, flip flops, sick bowls and advice leaflets for a variety of support agencies.




We hope this give you an insight into the service we provide at no expense to the tax payers as we have no paid staff, trustees or directors.

We are totally dependent upon financial donations and product donations from individuals, churches and local businesses. Every penny donated goes directly to the point of need.

If you, your church or business would like to partner with us please contact us by email or give us a call.

'More than 100 people present as Homeless in Dundee each month'.

(Source: Dundee City Council 2016/17)

Shock figures reveal at least one homeless person dies sleeping rough in Scotland every week'.

'737 homeless applications were made in Dundee from April-September 2018'

(Source Scottish Government)

'Dundee’s proportion of homeless people sleeping rough before approaching the council for help is double the national average'. 

(Source: Scottish Government 2015/16 figures)


Helpline: 07 999 872 928

Email: nightministryscotland(at)

Postal: c/o Community Regeneration Team, Hilltown Community Centre, 15 Alexander Street, Dundee. DD3 7DL

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Night Ministry Street Outreach